The Top Canadian Web Hosting Providers

Canadians who want to keep their business in Canada now have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to web hosting providers. I’ve gone over all the best Canadian hosting providers to help you make your decision. All web hosting companies below are 100% Canadian and have been in business for at least 5 years. Check out my reviews below!

Below you will find a short comparison of the top Canadian Web Hosts. This is an overview of their features and price, but if you click on their logos you will also be able to read a full review for each company.

Rank Host Name Rating Support Domain Included? Price


Yes, FREE on annual terms



Yes, FREE on annual terms



Yes, FREE on annual terms



Yes, FREE on annual terms



Domain not included



Free domain, but limit of one domain for entry level account.



Free domain, but limit of one domain for entry level account



Free domain, but limit of two domains for entry level account


How I Review Web Hosts

In order to give you a realistic idea of each web host, I have personally researched, purchased from and tested each of the providers you see below. I provide my ratings based on the following factors: customer service, technical support, pricing, trustworthiness, uptime and server speed.

I look for things like slow servers, hidden fees and a lack of high-quality support and technical training material in my rating decision, as these are the things most customers complain about when discussing low-quality and unreliable hosts.

Finding good Canadian web hosting can sometimes be a difficult task… Many hosts are simply resellers of hosting they buy from larger companies. I believe it’s better to just go to the source. Larger hosting providers are much more likely to stick around for longer and provide high-quality service as to protect their reputation.

I have put in a lot of time and effort in order to screen these web hosts, and provide you with the most accurate ratings possible.


Companies offering “unlimited bandwidth” hosting have been known to meter or slow down sites when they’ve gotten too much traffic. Keep this in mind when choosing a company with this offering. You will likely have to upgrade to a more hosting expensive package if you’re getting too much traffic.