CanSpace Review

They claim to be Canada’s leading web hosting provider – and I believe them! 

CanSpace Solutions: Fast, affordable, Canadian Web Hosting

CanSpace claims to offer the “lowest prices” on .ca domains at $9.75 per year, and from my research this appears to be true. Their reviews online are generally very positive and they’ve been in business for longer than most of the other host on my list – two very key factors I look at when choosing a host.

I also like that they put an emphasis on being a proud Canadian hosting provider, as I myself own a small Canadian business.

Customer Support

The customer support I received with CanSpace was superb – they really went above and beyond in their responses, and they were all written in excellent and easy-to-understand english (great for a non-techie person like myself). 

My questions were answered quickly, support agents were super knowledgeable and any issues were resolved within a few minutes. As for customer support, the only other company that even comes close for me is HostPapa.

What CanSpace does differently is just a subtle attention to detail that makes me feel appreciated as a customer.

Website Speed

All of CanSpace’s servers are on Canadian soil, in theory this is supposed to help with website speed within the country.

I did some speed testing with online tools and found that my website load times with CanSpace were the fastest out of all the hosts on this list. This is cool as when combined with a CDN you’ll get your website running very fast to visitors from anywhere in the world.

P.S – A CDN (via CloudFlare) is included free of charge with hosting from CanSpace – a little bonus with CanSpace.

Green Hosting

CanSpace claims their servers operate out of “state-of-the-art green facilities”. Basically this means that their facilities are powered by hydroelectric power, ensuring the carbon footprint for your web hosting is much lower.

While it doesn’t do anything for me or you directly, I do like that they’re trying to be better for the environment.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality Canadian web hosting provider, you can’t go wrong with CanSpace. They are the host I would currently recommend to anyone looking for a Canadian host.

Not only are their prices on par with or better than most other hosts, their support really goes above and beyond. And unlike most of the other “Canadian” providers on this list – CanSpace actually bills in Canadian dollars!





Absolute lowest prices on .ca domains, very competitive prices for all other domains and hosting plans.


Great response times, 24/7 support team.

Automatic Backups

Backed up daily, for free.

Site Builders

All major builders like WordPress & Joomla supported with one click installs.

Full DNS Control


Free of charge.

Domain Forwarding


Available to any domain owner, free of charge.

Domain WhoIs Privacy


Included for free with the purchase of a domain.