HostGator Review

This company is a veteran in the web hosting space 

HostGator at a Glance

HostGator is one of the older companies that are still sticking around and independent (compare this to many hosting companies which have been purchased by a large corporation called EIG, which some consumers don’t like).

After doing my research to find Canadian-centric hosts, it was obvious HostGator would be in the top contenders. Their service quality has up until now remained consistent and for that reason we’re including them here. 

Overall I was pretty happy with the service from HostGator, but there were some hiccups as I’ll talk about more below.


Generally uptime was not a problem with HostGator… But when it was a problem, it was a big one. There were a few times when my website went down and/or became unusuable. This would obviously be a huge problem if you’re running paid traffic.

The glimmer of hope is that their support team was responsive and made sure to get my website up quickly when it went down. Still, you would prefer to not have that problem in the first place.

Customer Support

Most agents on the HostGator team appeared to be knowledgeable around the important topics when it comes to Canadian web hosting.

I had certain technical questions that they were able to answer, even though they were sort of outside the realm of what they would need to help with, so I did appreciate that.

Response times were about as fast as you would expect, and the customer support team is online 24/7.

Website Speed

I didn’t notice any fluctuation in speed, positive or negative, when compared against the speed of my websites online with other hosts.

In Conclusion

While I did experience some technical issues with HostGator, service overall was pretty good and the support was good enough. For the money I was spending we did get a decent value I believe.

Just keep in mind, if website uptime is your number one concern you may want to look elsewhere or contact the HostGator team to see if they have any other preventative measures to keep you protected.





Competitive prices.


24/7 support, good response times but some critical mistakes were made that rendered our website unusuable more than once.

Automatic Backups

Included free of charge!

Site Builders

All major builders like WordPress & Joomla supported with one click installs.

Full DNS Control


Free of charge.

Domain Forwarding


Available to any domain owner, free of charge.

Domain WhoIs Privacy


Starting at $9.95 per year.

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