HostUpon Review

The Toronto based hosting company focused on technical solutions

HostUpon at a Glance

HostUpon is based out of Toronto, Ontario and services small to large businesses. They pride themselves on helping find the best hosting solutions for their clients.

For this reason they have a fair amount of training material and videos in their client knowledge base. This proudly Canadian web hosting company was founded in 2006 according to it’s founder, Alfez Velji.

Since their inception, HostUpon has focused on providing the best VPS, cloud and dedicated server hosting solutions.


Uptime does not seem like a problem for HostUpon. I believe when looking at my server tests I had 99.9% uptime. Outside of scheduled maintenance downtime doesn’t seem to really be a problem.

With that being said, HostUpon does not include Automatic Backups for free. It’s actually $49.95 per year. So if your site does go down and you’re not paying for the back-ups…. You may be in hot water.

Customer Support

As mentioned, HostUpon has a fair amount of training material, which helps if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. You’ll have most of the things you’ll need there to fix issues with your site and hosting.

The support agents also usually responded promptly to my inquiries. Although there were a few times where I had to wait a bit.

In Conclusion

HostUpon has some great support and training material to help ensure you’ve got a good hang on your website.

Their agents seemed to reply relatively fast to my enquiries.

However, as with some other hosting companies, they hide a lot of their fees like WhoIs privacy and automatic back-ups, which add up to be a lot when compared against hosting companies that include these things.

Overall I do like their services, but HostUpon isn’t entirely budget friendly. I would put HostUpon as my 3rd favourite choice, behind HostPapa and CanSpace.





Competitive prices, 30 day money back guarantee.


24/7 support, a lot of training material.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups starting from $49.95 per year.

Site Builders

All major builders like WordPress & Joomla supported with one click installs.

Full DNS Control


Free of charge.

Domain Forwarding


Available to any domain owner, free of charge.

Domain WhoIs Privacy


Starting at $9.95 per year.

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