Why Choose a Canadian Hosting Provider

Our step-by-step guide to understanding web hosts, why to opt for companies based in Canada and more. Get full details on the pros and cons of choosing north of the border, and some secrets on why you may even save a lot of money.

If you are based in Canada or do business within the country, there are several important reasons why you should consider opting for a Canadian web host. Besides simply wanting to support other proud Canadian business owners, you may want to consider the following.

  1. The Economy 
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pricing
  4. DMCA Issues
  5. Environmentally Friendliness

The Economy

By doing business with Canadian hosting providers, you will be putting money into your own economy, creating jobs and financial growth. This growth can also provide more disposable income into the pockets of consumers, thus opening up the potential to earn more business yourself!

Search Engine Optimization

While picking a particularly Canadian organization won’t influence (decidedly or contrarily) your worldwide Google rankings, it can and will influence your local Google rankings. Google usually assumes that if your IP address originates from Canada, and your TLD is .ca, then you’re presumably situated in Canada.

This increases the relevancy score Google provides when serving it’s search results. Essentially higher relevancy scores increase the likelihood you will rank for local (Canadian) searches! Studies have demonstrated that upwards of 50% of Google search queries are done utilizing Google’s local search engine or mobile phones.

These improved search engine rankings can help drive much-needed traffic to your website. Which is arguably the greatest benefit of using a Canadian hosting provider.


When choosing a Canadian hosting provider, you’re doing business with companies that offer Canadian prices. Typically this will offer an immediate savings as purchasing in USD tends to be more costly when you take into account the currency conversion rates. Not to mention you will not have to pay a percentage for your currency to be converted (a.k.a: foreign transaction fees).

In addition, the HST you pay to Canadian companies can be written off as a tax-credit.

Mitigating DMCA Issues

There have been many instances in recent years where the FBI has demanded access to web servers in search of illegal materials. Unfortunately, a great number of business/website owners being hosted by American web hosts have gotten caught in the crossfire and lost their websites (at least temporarily).

Picking a Canadian web host can mitigate this risk as Canadian web hosting providers are not required to instantly agree to DMCA takedown demands. If you are an innocent website owner not being accused of anything but on the same server as someone doing something illegal, you/the hosting provider will typically be given a chance to protect and transfer your website before anything happens.

Environmentally Friendly

Canada is known for it’s green hosting. Did you know Canada is the third largest producer of hydroelectricity? Up to 59% of it’s power is generated with this environmentally friendly power source.

Two of Canada’s biggest data-centers and their cooling systems are largely or entirely powered by naturally produced energy. Providing some of the world’s most environmentally friendly web hosting available. So you can feel comfortable in your purchasing decision and know you’re helping reduce the country’s carbon footprint!

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to choose a Canadian web hosting provider as you can see, whether you want to support the local economy, save money, protect your site, get it up in the SERP’s or protect Canada’s environment.

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